We are an information
security consulting firm

Redline Limited is an information security consulting firm founded by professionals who understand the challenges faced by businesses of all sizes to keep their information assets safe from current and emerging threats.

With a combined experience of over twenty years in designing, implementing and managing security programs, we understand today’s threat landscape and we have the expertise required to help your business stay continuously protected. 

We combine cutting edge technologies with human intelligence and certifiable expertise in threat detection, prevention and management.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of information security consulting services and solutions in Africa and a globally recognized brand.

Our Mission

Our Core Values


As more businesses, governments and individuals continue to migrate to digital platforms and are embracing cloud, social and mobile computing, so too are criminals. The number and sophistication of attacks on personal and corporate information is rising. Criminals are becoming more motivated, organized and their efforts more coordinated. At Redline Limited, we know that it is increasingly becoming impossible to prevent all attacks and that data breach is most likely inevitable if the attackers are persistent and determined enough. That is why our information security strategy is not just focused on deterrence but also on detection, response, and recovery. We deter, detect and resolve all your security issues and we do so continuously and with a determination to be always several steps ahead of the threat.

We believe that the organization’s staff are the first line of defense and our strategy is centered around making your staff more security conscious by educating them on threats and how to prevent them and what to do in the event of a successful attack (response). We also supply the tools and the expertise to make sure that your organization is fully protected and ready to adapt its defense to ever changing threat landscape. We believe that information security solutions should be tailored to the organization and we work with our clients to develop the solution that best suits them while staying withing their budgets.

Our Culture

We are uncompromising in our adherence to moral and professional ethics and values but are very dynamic in our approach to problem solving. While we will always deliver services and solutions at the same high standards that our clients have come to expect of us, we are adaptable in our methods, tailoring our solutions to your organization.

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly believe that your ability to contribute to our common goal is what matters not the colour of your skin, your gender, your age, nationality, etc. We believe that talent can be found everywhere, and we strive to look for them even in the most unlikely places. We are consciously building an atmosphere of diversity where people respect the views, cultures, opinions and way of life of others.

We believe in a balanced life and we encourage our team to strike a balance between their work and every other aspect of life. We lead by example by making the workplace fun, exciting and fulfilling and also get involved with the community where we live and work, doing our little bit to make the community experience better.

Our Team

Our team consists of industry experts with specialization in information security program management, governance, risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery, incidence response and management, cybersecurity, forensic investigation, fraud and anti-money laundry consulting, data analytics, application security, etc. Our staff boast of highly respected industry certifications and are dedicated, professional and friendly all time with the client’s best interest at the center of all that we do.

We encourage our specialist to be generalist and be conversant with the entire information security spectrum while still focusing on their specialties.  This concept also extends to understanding what our clients do. At Redline, we believe that the more we understand what you do, the better we are able to help protect your information assets. This is ingrained in all our team members so that no matter who you talk with, you are assured the same excellent service and attention to detail

Redline COO

Becoming a cyber-resilient organization is a combination of both technology and organizational investment. All the technology available to secure systems will not keep an organization secure if the people in the organization make bad or uninformed decisions that open up the system to threat actors.

 At Redline Limited we not only help you invest in upgraded technologies but also show you how to invest in organizational mechanisms that would increase resilience and build a culture of cybersecurity.

- Seun Labiran

Chief Operating Officer

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